Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Changes in Venexia... which will affect you!

Hello and welcome!  

As many may have heard, there are many changes coming to (or already arrived) at Venexia.  To keep up to speed with the new races, the combat system, and more, please do visit the official SGS website for information, located at: 

Additionally, this blog will transition to a clan blog for La Rose Noir at a future date, but sufficient notification will be provided for those concerned.

Finally, there are two additional blogs concerning Venexia that my be of interest....

The Venexian Vampires is the official blog for Venexia, with updated information regularly provide, and located at: http://venexian-vampires.blogspot.com/
Gothic Second Life is a sister blog to the House of Bathory, and will highlight not only Venexia, but additional aspects of Gothic and classic horror... and is located at: http://gothicsl.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bizarre Vampires from around the world...

While traditional western vampires populate Venexia, there are other, unknown types of vampires in fiction.  IO9 did a small piece on them, and its always possible that one might run into one of the undead... that might be different!  For more information, do look at the "10 Grossest and most Grostesque vampires from Folklore", located here: http://io9.com/5951625/10-of-the-grossest-and-most-grotesque-vampires-from-folklore

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What interests you about Venexia?

Recently crossing my seventh rez-day in Second Life, I did take a bit of pause to reflect on what makes Venexia unique, as compared to other past and current Second Life locales.  My roots are based in Steampunk (e.g. my "almost as old as my SL persona" blog, the Steampunk Tribune, my past history in New Babbage), but alas, though there are creative persons inhabiting the Steamlands, a longer-lasting Steampunk RP, with any bulk (e.g. lasting longer than a month), has failed to emerge since the old days (specifically, since 2007, when Caledon I & II *were* the Steamlands).  I also have a small jazz club in Seraph City, a sim with a nominally Dieselpunk aesthetic, but again, it has become more of a residential community, vice an active RP community.

Why the introspective narrative?  Since my first review of Venexia, during its grand opening (about a year ago, if memory serves correctly), it has a focus on a specific genre role play (vampires, naturally), and an era (essentially medieval).  With the opportunity to engage in combat, participate (and even found) covens, and of course feed (or be fed upon, if one is human), Venexia has plenty to offer those who seek in-depth engagement in Second Life.

However, with all this, I do wonder about a focus for the House of Bathory.  Breezy and I are open to suggestions as to what would interest members (or future members) of the House, to keep it engaging and unique.  A few ideas...

1) More House-based RP - Though no expert on vampire role-play, a key part of interaction would appear to be between the members of an individual house.  Though in-world interaction is essential, much of the background interaction might be done though narrative (e.g. one would need to write it).  Not hard to do, once you get the hang of writing a bit, but it does allow you to provide more depth to your persona.  Independent writing (e.g. not involving any members of the House directly) is fine, but if you are thinking of adding existing members to the House, do touch base with them before writing.  This being said, it provides you (the writer) free reign to craft complexity into the House of Bathory's story.

2) Developing your persona - There are numerous way to do this, writing (see above), documenting in-world role play, and even using old RP games as a basis for your background.  There are plenty of vampire RP on the market (including some free ones), so using them as a basis to not only get started, but provide others insights into your persona is an excellent starting point.

3) Extra House-based interaction - This would be interaction between covens, and the machinations that take place from that angle.  If you are interested in such an angle, please contact Breezy or myself (Rafael)... a quick note to the adjoining heads of the covens is always good to avoid unnecessary issues!

4) Non-immersion events - Venexia has plenty of holidays, and some additional events as well!  Breezy is well known for being a fantastic hostess in the Steamlands, and is considering events in Venexia as well!

These are just a few non-in-world ideas... if you see something that would be an overlooked alternative, please just say so!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Introducing the House of Bathory!

The House of Bathory is officially established!  One might wonder about the new coven, but the idea has been percolating for a long time, in reflection.  I've had the good fortune of being part of Venexia since its earliest days, when I blogged in on my main blog, the Steampunk Tribune.  Soon after, my partner, Breezy, arrived, and we established ourselves in the city.  We joined the Casa del Dolore, but over time, felt the need to follow our own path.  Hence, after debate, Breezy established the House of Bathory, as a new coven in Bathory.  The goal of the House of Bathroy is to become an active part of Venexia, with an emphasis on vampiric role play, character development, coven interaction, and help promote/grow Venexia.  There will be more details to come, so do stay attuned!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

((Test post))

((This is a test post - Blogger has been a challenge as of late, so a bit of troubleshooting is involved atm...)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A renaming, and a taste of things to come...

Changes are afoot (yes, purposely vague), but more to come in the near future, so please be patient...!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Festa Del Redentore, this upcoming weekend...

The Festival of the Redeemer, sponsored by the Dark Heart of Drakul, will be taking place next weekend, over a three day span...

Friday, the 20th (Feast), begins with a ceremonial Blood Feast and Opening Festivities in the Piazza...
Saturday, the 21st (Fight), will be the Tournament of the Redeemed Chosen at the Training Hall, and...
Sunday, the 22nd, (Dance), will be the Grand Ball and Fireworks Display, in the Piazza and the Rooftop of the Drakul Libraria (Dress is Red, Gold, and Black)

All events begin at 11pm, SLT, and if one desires to become involved with event, please do contact EleniAmbroso Resident for further details!